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Latest Release: 16 May 2014

Rapid statistical analysis of scientific data under the GPL

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SalStat Statistics Home Page

SalStat is an application design for the analysis of scientific data: the kind of data commonly seen in psychology, for example.

It can perform a range of tests already, from descriptive statistics through to analysis of variance tests and their nonparametric equivalents. See the features page for specific details about what is available.

Frequently Anticipated Questions!

  • How much does it cost?
    Nothing at all. You can download it legally and safely, and you're not ripping us off in any way.

  • So what are the restrictions?
    Currently none, except that if you modify the code and distribute the changes outside your organisation (or person if you're an individual), then you must make the source code available. If this is all Greek to you, then you probably don't need to worry.

  • What tests does it perform already?
    There is a list on the
    features page which should list most if not all of what SalStat can do. If you have any suggestions, please go to the comments page and let us know what you would like to see included.

  • When will it have feature X?
    It's difficult to say: research and development is ongoing currently into new tests and methods as well as improving the overall usability of the application, but it is difficult to say when a particular feature will be added. If you really need to know, send an email to us.

  • Can I/we help?
    Yes, you certainly can! Just go to the help page, and let us know what you want to do. We are particularly looking for people who are proficient in coding statistical tests (the more advanced stuff that we don't already have).

  • Can I/we donate something to help you?

    We're looking into providing readily-installable packages for Windows, Macintosh OSX and Linux for a small consideration as a way to raise money. Annoucements will be made on this site in due course.

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