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Latest Release: 16 May 2014

Rapid statistical analysis of scientific data under the GPL

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SalStat running on GNU/Linux with the WindowMaker desktop. You can see the data entry grid, the output sheet with some descriptive statistics and the result of a single factor between subjects analysis of variance, and the hypertext help box showing the licence (1024x768 - 108k).

The dialog asking the user which 2 conditions test they want. SalStat lets you choose a range of tests (if you want), as well as descriptives at the same time. This way, it takes just one click to analyse a data set using both a parametric and non-parametric test!(24k) - yes you're not supposed to do this, but it is interesting nevertheless.

This next screenshot courtesy of Ludger Humbert shows SalStat running on Mac OSX! I haven't got access to a nice new Mac (more's the pity), but Ludger took the plunge and got SalStat working, and here is a screenshot of it running on Orobor (see the README file for more details). It looks smarter than I thought it would!

Okay, so you just want descriptives? Just click on the ones you want (or click on the "select all" button to have the lot!), and click on the columns that you want analysed. Then press okay. Then read your results! It is that simple (16k)

Want to change the format of the data? Menu->Preferences->Variables. Here you can add variable names (no limit on their length or content!), significant figures and decimal places as well as what your missing data is represented as(16k)

And finally here's a picture of the "about" box with cool logo and my name in the little box! (44k)

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